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set, Paris, France ; Dr. Bernardino Dadea, Turin, Italy ; Dr.
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Kellogg, M.D., of New York (elected for the twentieth time
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able, have separated for us the wheat from the chaff.
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a negative one — i.e., an entire absence of any organic disease (cancer, etc.),
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ever, to cast a heavy damper on one's confidence in the remedies
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108. Changes in the red blood corpuscles in pernicious anaemia .... 64
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studies made her frugal and careful of her earnings,
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prolonged as much as 5, 6, 7 centimetres above the inter-
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pointed postmaster of Buffalo, by President McKinley. He admin-
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Fellow of the American Gynaecological Society, and of
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May 20, was one of the best in the history of the Society. The
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grasped by his keenly logical and scientific mind. Secur-
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those who go to dispensaries. My memory tells me that such
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has won the esteem of the community in which he resides,
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speaks for itself in the high estimation in which he is held. Dr.
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ried, May 4, 1905, Ethel Louise Bates, of Lima, New York.
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in the medical world, she wanted them. It could scarcely
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Diet in Disease. — It is a sound maxim in medicine that
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He returned to Philadelphia in 1856, and became Pro-
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Had the patient at once consulted an oculist, he might have
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course too great hopes must not be placed upon it in severe cases. In addition
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Executive committee, Professor William Tod Helmuth, M.D.
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mineral salts in the tissues. There is only one exception, and
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the secretions, it brings with it various ingredients. When it is
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practice, he will give especial attention to the treatment of diseases of the eye and
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Reeb, Poncet, and Gross, at Strasburg, and I myself
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New York. In the spring of 1840, appreciating the want of prac-