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from organic disease, nerve prostration, emaciation, and hysteria.

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hygienic measures of a stimulating character, has practically

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source; just as many live in malarious climates without injury,

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General of the G. A. R. in 1915, Commander of Department of

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to determine the pathological nature and associations of the

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never have practiced surgery but for the aid of anesthetics,

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and paves the way to local congestions and inflammatory condi-

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We find the following interesting and exceptional case quoted

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Dr. George S. Kelsea died at his residence in Newport, Vt., Sept. 26, aged fifty-

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direct stimulating effect on the formation of blood.

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among thirteen of the University students who responded

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New York, and continued in this office, besides being surgeon of the

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to the patient, and it may be useful in all cases. The physician

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drocephalus" by directing the cerebro-spinal fluid from the cisterna

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This chapter also includes a section on the chemical and micro-

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tary of the American Electro-Therapeutic Association,

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"Supplemental Treatment of the Paralysis of Acute Anterior Poliomyelitis"

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from Paris about 1885 that Professor Georges Apostoli was

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as is too much the fashion with so-called "dress-reformers," with